Movement Day
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

September 16, 2017
Grand Canyon University

The Mission

Gather our Community & Focus our Resources

The Mission of Movement Day Arizona (MDAZ) is to celebrate what God is doing, motivate us towards actionable next steps in fostering unity, and create measurable impact in our cities. We believe the Church to be the front-line caregiver in these target areas:

  • Reducing the number of children in the foster care system.
  • Providing tangible resources for vulnerable families and marriages.
  • Resourcing the Church to greet and care for our immigrant and refugee neighbors.
  • Engaging next generation leaders for kingdom work.

Building Next Generation Leaders

Transforming Schools Through Partnerships

Church Planting & Evangelism

Church Unity

Faith & Work (Marketplace Ministry)

Family & Marriage Strengthening

Refugee & Care


Racial Reconciliation

Behavioral Health

Scripture Engagement

Serving through Employment Training

Immigrant Care

Serving Foster Care Children

Substance Abuse Recovery

Sex-Trafficking Intervention

Christ Centered Rescue & Recovery

The Vision


  • Movement Day represents the opportunity for churches, organizations and government to come together to collaboratively address the deepest needs of our local community. Grand Canyon University is committed to supporting the church as well as our surrounding neighborhood and we look forward to what Movement Day might ignite in our city as God’s people come together.

    Tamara Rios
    Marketing Manager, Grand Canyon University

  • As a church, we are excited about Movement Day coming to Phoenix this fall! We have partnered with this event because we believe everything rises and falls with leadership, and the potential of getting so many key leaders together in one place to focus on state issues is tremendous. Please join us in taking advantage of this catalytic opportunity.

    Cal Jernigan
    Sr. Pastor, Central Christian Church

  • It is evident that the Spirit has been moving on the church in Arizona bringing about beautiful unity in Jesus. Movement Day is an opportunity to celebrate what God is doing in our city, to pray for our light to shine even brighter, and to be equipped to be the hands and feet of Jesus in every square inch of our State.

    Dennae Pierre
    Executive Director, The Surge Network

  • The richness of Christ in Arizona is found in her leaders. They are passionate servants who care for the brokenness of our state and truly believe that unleashing the power of the Gospel can transform individuals and communities. Movement Day Arizona has the potential to catalyze these leaders with greater clarity and strategy so that each part of the Body of Christ is bringing its greatest strength to bear. We are excited to join the movement!

    Tracey Beal
    Executive Director, School Connect Arizona

  • It is evident that there is a growing movement of God’s Spirit sweeping across the Valley. I believe that Movement Day Arizona will be the catalytic spark which will transform this small flame into a roaring fire.

    Bill Ferrell
    Director of Strategic Operations, Family Bridges

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