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100 Cities Summit

Limited to city leaders seeking to bridge the racial, economic, geographic, gender, and denominational gaps in 100 cities.

The 100 Cities Summit is a global community of active Christian leaders seeking to create positive impact in the spiritual and social climate of their cities. Through learning collaborations, sharing best practices, advancing high-level partnership exchanges, the summit works to advance the Gospel in cities.

NOVEMBER 27-29 •
8AM – 5PM

Advancing the Gospel Movements in Cities

7PM – 9PM

Celebrating Cities Closing Ceremony

8AM – 5PM

Global Marketplace Leaders’ Summit

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Movement Day (MD) is more than a day! It’s a movement of Christian leaders impacting a city together through the Gospel. The goal of a MD expression, which can range from a one-to-three day gathering, is to accelerate a gospel movement- catalyzing highly trained, motivated and committed leaders determined to find solutions to the “stubborn facts” plaguing a city or region. We define “stubborn facts,” as crime, poverty, spiritual apathy, struggling educational systems, unemployment, etc. Our approach: multiply the impact of one, through the unity of many.

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