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Upcoming Events

February 23, 2019

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

This Expression will focus on racial reconciliation and unity, city-wide spiritual transformation, poverty alleviation and job creation for those most in need, education transformation and protecting children who are at risk.

March 16, 2019

Charlotte, NC

The Movement Day Expression in Charlotte will focus on engagement of foster care, engagement of literacy, unleashing the next generation, becoming a generous city, business as mission, and the art of neighboring.

March 12-15, 2019


Gathering the next generation of Gospel city movement leaders from around the world to catalyze a global turnaround in reaching the next generation and utilize urbanization as an opportunity for the Gospel.

March 16, 2019

Dubai, UAE

A one-day urban gospel gathering across denominational, ethnic, geographical, and socioeconomic lines. Leaders unite in prayer and collaboration to spiritually and socially impact the city. More info coming soon!

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Movement Day (MD) is more than a day! It’s a movement of Christian leaders impacting a city together through the Gospel. The goal of a MD expression, which can range from a one-to-three day gathering, is to accelerate a gospel movement- catalyzing highly trained, motivated and committed leaders determined to find solutions to the “stubborn facts” plaguing a city or region. We define “stubborn facts,” as crime, poverty, spiritual apathy, struggling educational systems, unemployment, etc. Our approach: multiply the impact of one, through the unity of many.

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