Challenging, inspiring, and catalyzing the advancement of the gospel movement.
Welcome to Movement Day.

MDNYC 2019

Fri, Oct 25th • 9am - 4pm • Times Square Church

You can expect to be engaged in learning, conversation, and creation with fellow attendees. Bring your business cards as you’ll be networking throughout the day, engaging one another in responding to and collaborating to help NYC experience the love of Christ and His Kingdom. Together, we will be inspired by top-tier content specialists focusing us into collaborative dialogue around NYC Metro areas we hope to see movement on.

Movement Day Port Moresby


Papua New Guinea is a resource-rich country, yet a large portion of our capital city lives in poverty. We ahve over a third of our school-aged youths not receiving any formal education and many youths in our community struggling to find a job.

Let’s tackle these issues together. Let’s see a better future for our children start now. Let’s get out onto our streets as the hands and feet of our Saviour. Together as a unified church, with our government and community, we can take back our city and our country!

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Movement Day (MD) is more than a day! It’s a movement of Christian leaders impacting a city together through the Gospel. The goal of a MD expression, which can range from a one-to-three day gathering, is to accelerate a gospel movement- catalyzing highly trained, motivated and committed leaders determined to find solutions to the “stubborn facts” plaguing a city or region. We define “stubborn facts,” as crime, poverty, spiritual apathy, struggling educational systems, unemployment, etc. Our approach: multiply the impact of one, through the unity of many.