This summer I have been reading NT Wright’s biography Paul.  It is a remarkable book with all of the exceptional theological and intellectual rigor that Wright is known for globally.  I have been reading the book through the lens of Paul as a Movement Maker.

The story of Paul in the book of Acts is a breathtaking journal of the spread of the gospel from Jerusalem as the religious capital of the world to the Rome as the political capital of the world.  Paul planted the gospel in major cities of his day – Rome, Athens, Corinth, Philippi, Ephesus and throughout the Middle East.  Paul planted the first church in Europe.

In reading Wright’s biography on Paul’s conversion in Acts 9 he describes an explosion of truth that went off in Paul’s heart and mind.  With the vision on the Damascus road, Paul was able to synthesize all of the themes together in the person of Jesus regarding Abraham, Moses, David, exile, and the hope of the Messiah.  It was that explosion of truth that changed Paul forever.

As I’ve traveled the world these past four years to 33 cities, visiting many several times, I’ve seen a pattern in Movement Makers from very diverse backgrounds.  I define a Movement Maker as anyone who multiplies their impact with the gospel into an alliance or agency to scale their impact.

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