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Former NFL Wide Receiver Opens Up About Adversity And Strength
Casey Crawford • 06.19.19

After a stellar college career, Casey Crawford was headed to the NFL as one of the nation’s top wide receivers. Starting with the Carolina Panthers then playing with the Super Bowl winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his promising NFL career was cut short by a series of injuries. But as Casey explains, it was in that adversity and those challenging times, where he gained his greatest strength and perseverance. In our newest podcast, Casey is candid about the path that he thought would be his, but only to see how God had different, yet better plans, outside of the NFL.

How could life be better after the NFL? Where did he get his strength? How did he keep getting up after literally being knocked down time and time again?

It’s a story of perseverance you don’t want to miss. You’ll be encouraged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll hear where Casey turned for the strength and guidance that is foremost in his life today.