What can be said about twelve million people moving into cities every month?
Discover our vision.

Our Vision

There is a unique opportunity and urgency to unite and empower Christian leaders to change cities through gospel movement and impact today’s urban issues of:
gos•pel move•ment
When a city’s Christian population is growing faster than the general population. Where a critical mass of believers gather, Christianity begins to have a disproportionate effect on the population’s values and beliefs. The gospel begins to spread organically and spontaneously, without external control.

The Gospel Movement Includes:

md2017_about_icons_integrate_5Local Churches Integrating to Reach New Individuals

md2017_about_icons_transforming_2Leaders Transforming the Lives of the Marginalized

md2017_about_icons_faith_2Leaders Exercising their Faith & Influence Across Society

md2017_about_icons_network_5City-Wide Networks that Develop & Connect Leaders

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Africa is eager for city gospel movements!

Your gift will help Africans transform their cities both spiritually and socially.